Three Founders Publishing emails every purchaser of its The Altucher Report newsletter and asks them to participate in a survey related to their participation in the program.

The surveys are conducted with a view toward determining the average or “typical” results of program participants. Approximately 101 subscribers responded.

Not all survey respondents responded to every question.

The survey process began in January 2020. Surveys are anonymous and were promoted as such to encourage honest responses. IP addresses were tracked, and participants were unable to submit more than one survey to maintain the integrity of overall results

There are certainly many variables to take into account in determining what are the typical experiences and results of The Altucher Report subscribers. The surveys take into account: prior experience, time expended, scope of the courses that were completed, program satisfaction, and types of transactions. Please note that geographic location was not included, and results are greatly affected by specific market conditions.

The results of each survey are summarized below.