James Altucher
James is a prolific writer, podcaster, successful entrepreneur, venture capitalist, ex-hedge fund manager and chess master.
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George Gilder
George is an established investor, writer and economist with an uncanny ability — and proven track record — to foresee how new breakthroughs will play out, years in advance.
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Doug Hill
Founder and Publisher
As our founder and publisher, Doug Hill ensures that our publications promote the ideals of independence, freedom and self-reliance that are at the core of Three Founders Publishing.
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Addison Wiggin
Addison is one of our founders and the executive publisher of Agora Financial LLC, parent company of Three Founders Publishing.
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Bill Bonner
Bill Bonner is not only one of our founders, but he’s also the original inspiration behind our hunt for “fat-tail events” — developments that are difficult to predict but highly disruptive.
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Bob Byrne
Senior Analyst
Bob Byrne boasts two decades of day trading experience, which he uses to identify highly profitable trade recommendations to Three Founders readers.
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Tim Collins
Senior Analyst
After three decades of trading and investing, including managing his own hedge funds, Tim Collins now brings his expertise to James Altucher’s team at Three Founders.
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Chris Campbell
Daily Contributor
For the last decade, Chris Campbell has hunted for ways to live a freer, healthier, more abundant and satisfying life — and share them with readers of his Laissez Faire Today e-letter.
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Shane Ormond
Daily Contributor
Shane Ormond lives in the 24-hour news cycle so you don’t have to. Join Shane every day as he uncovers the biggest, most bizarre money-moving stories of the week.
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Richard Vigilante headshot
Richard Vigilante
Senior Analyst
Almost 20 years after serving as an executive of Gilder Publishing, Richard joins George Gilder once again — helping to analyze and vet companies for the model portfolio.
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John Schroeter
Senior Analyst
A leading futurist, innovation strategist and award-winning author, Schroeter's work traces the trajectories of emerging technologies to connect the dots looking forward.
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Ari Goldshmidt Headshot
Ari Goldshmidt
Ari is an entrepreneur, angel investor, and data scientist based in New York City. He has also been a long-time cryptocurrency advocate, making his first purchase of Bitcoin when the currency was under $100.
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Three Founders Publishing
Steve Waite
Senior Analyst
Steve is a noted emerging technology investor, futurist, author, strategic advisor, and adjunct professor of finance with over three decades of experience.
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